Key Projects

S-Curves Landslide – Cannon Beach, Oregon; Geotech Solutions Inc.

Responsible for coordination of field work and field monitoring activities to evaluate the S-Curves Landslide.  The area has settled and distorted for decades in response to extended intense rainfall, resulting in the need for roadway and sewer force main repair and occasional road closure.  Completed two phases of field work to install inclinometers and piezometers to evaluate slide movement. Continuous water levels were recorded with digital instruments to capture peak water levels with fast rainfall response times.  Used inclinometer, water level, and rainfall data in developing stability models of slide response. Helped develop stabilization options that included dewatering with horizontal drains and infrastructure improvements.

Mt. Scott Professional Center – Portland, Oregon; Geotech Solutions Inc.

Completed field work for the first phase of development which included construction of a single 4-story, steel-frame structure with a footprint of approximately 13,000 square feet.  Geotechnical issues during design included construction of Lock-and-Load retaining walls up to 20 feet tall, installation of pile foundations to support the new building over 20 feet of undocumented fill, cantilevered shoring to accommodate property line setbacks, cement amendment of pavement subgrades and structural fill in the wet season, and evaluation of settlement data following preloading.

Warrenton Wastewater Treatment Plant – Warrenton, Oregon; Geotech Solutions Inc.

Managed geotechnical field explorations including drilled borings and cone penetrometer tests (CPT) both around the existing lagoons and off a barge along the outfall alignment.  Completed geotechnical analyses to help determine dike construction heights to accommodate settlement of underlying soft organic silt, evaluate liquefaction settlement and lateral spread, provide recommendations for dewatering during construction of concrete-line ponds, and provide field observation during construction.

Water Avenue Lofts – Portland, Oregon; Geotech Solutions Inc.

Geotechnical engineer for design of a proposed multi-story, mixed-use facility.  The proposed project included approximately three stories of daylighted parking, supporting several stories of retail and residential units.  Access for site explorations was tight due to the presence of steep slopes in relation to property corners and required coordination with the private property owners and drilling subcontractor.  Geotechnical issues included a 25-ft excavation adjacent to historic residences and City roadways, slope stability, high foundation loads, and shoring installation and staging considerations. Completed site explorations, laboratory testing, stability analyses, shoring recommendations (including secant pile wall recommendations), and a seismic evaluation.

Americas Tire – Tigard, Oregon; Geotech Solutions Inc. 

Served as geotechnical project engineer for a new facility along Highway 99 in Tigard.  Site evaluation included identification and presence of rock and shallow groundwater, and stability analysis associated with site grading and the construction of a 14-ft Lock-and-Load rotating wall above a slope, testing of retaining wall backfill, and cement amendment of on-site silt fill during wet conditions.

Ecola Square – Canon Beach, Oregon; Geotech Solutions Inc. 

Served as geotechnical engineer for improvements to Ecola Square.  The existing retail facility was being seismically retrofitted while concerting the upper stories to condominiums.  Additional improvements included three full-height stair towers, a new courtyard, and evaluation for two future buildings.  Geotechnical issues included very soft soils, shallow groundwater, and the need for minimal disturbance to retail businesses during exploration and construction.  Soft soils necessitated deep foundations (large diameter helical piles) to support the stair towers while taking all the lateral load for the building.  Site grading for the courtyard and previously identified settlement in the area, led to installation of geofoam fill resulting in no net load increasing for the concrete courtyard.  Observations during construction included large diameter helical pile installation and load testing, excavation, and geofoam installation.

Milwaukie and Putnam High School Track and Field – Clacakmas County, Oregon; Geotech Solutions Inc.

Served as geotechnical engineer for the design of new turf football fields, new track, improvements to bleachers, and construction of associated new structures. Completed site explorations and infiltration testing, provided recommendations for field subgrade preparation and drainage, site grading, slope stability, and foundation recommendations.

Sunnybrook Extension – Portland, Oregon; GeoDesign, Inc. 

Completed evaluation of multiple stability cross-sections for the new roadway extension, coordinated sub-contracted geophysical surveys to determine presence, depth, and consistency of shallow rock in cut areas, and completed services during construction included fill preparation, retaining wall construction, and subgrade stabilization.

Cogeneration Cooling Water Pipeline – Klamath Falls, Oregon; GeoDesign, Inc. 

Acted as project manager for the project which included the evaluation of several miles of pipeline alignment and coordination for access to private, City, County, ODOT property for explorations.  Oversaw and/or completed field explorations, obtained necessary permits for explorations, completed evaluation to help the civil engineer determine construction costs associated with the presence of various soil types, presence of rock and/or groundwater.

Synopsys Campus – Hillsboro, Oregon; GeoDesign, Inc. 

Served as geotechnical project manager during design and construction of two multi-story structures and site earthwork for the Hillsboro facility.  Completed geotechnical explorations including, test pits, drilled borings, and cone penetrometer testing (CPT).  Completed analyses in order to found structures on shallow spread footings.  Consulted with the design team to incorporate cement amendment of silt soils to accommodate several acres of pavement and recreation fields in conjunction with construction through winter.

Peterkort Center II – Washington County, Oregon; GeoDesign, Inc. 

Served as project manager for geotechnical engineering and construction observation for the new 6-story 147,000 SF office building located at the intersection of Highway 217 and Highway 26.  Geotechnical issues included the presence of shallow rock, crushed rock pads and rammed aggregate piers for footings, evaluation for embedded parking, earthwork including fills of up to 25 feet, settlement monitoring and evaluation, and construction of a 25-ft tall Keystone retaining wall.

Barbur Shops – Portland, Oregon; GeoDesign, Inc. 

Served as project manager for new construction and redevelopment along Barbur Boulevard.  Project included geotechnical borings, slope stability evaluation, and evaluation of existing embedded building wall capacity for re-use in development.

Fire Station No. 16 – Portland, Oregon; GeoDesign, Inc. 

Completed a geotechnical investigation and report for the new facility.  Geotechnical issues included seismic hazard evaluation, coordination associated with limited access and work within the ODOT ROW, abandonment and removal of existing structures, and identification and removal of undocumented fill.